Base Honor Guard

The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Honor Guard is the most fast paced and heavily tasked Honor Guard in the entire Air Force. Our mission is to provide military funeral honors for fallen veterans, retirees and Active Duty service members. The WPAFB Honor Guard travels through 6 states including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, covering over 210,000 square miles in 203 different counties.

Military Funeral Honors

Honorably discharged Air Force and Army Air Corps Veterans, Retirees, and Active Duty personnel are eligible to receive military funeral honors. Please fill out the military honors request form located in the documents section below as well as provide the members DD214 or discharge paperwork.

Retirement & Promotion Ceremonies

When not performing funeral honors, the Wright-Patterson Honor Guard is available to post and/or present colors for eligible retirement and promotion ceremonies.

For retirements, the member being honored must be in the grade of Chief Master Sergeant for enlisted, Colonel and above for officers, and SES for civilians.

For promotions, the member being honored must be promoted to the grade of Chief Master Sergeant, Colonel or above, or SES.

The posting request form must be submitted 14 days in advance and must be approved by the Superintendent. The posting request form can be located in the documents section below.

Special Events

The Wright-Patterson Honor Guard is also able to support special events that occur around the community. The posting, or presentation of the colors may be requested for events such as military reunion dinners, military related events, or even sporting events. Please fill out the posting request for in full detail and submit it within 14 days of the event.