Military Personnel Flight

Mission First, People Always.
The Military Personnel Flight provides a variety of services to active duty and retired military, reservists, civilian employees, and families. The flight includes the following offices: Customer Support (ID Cards), Career Development, Force Management, Retentions, and Passports.


Force Management

  • Evaluations

  • TDY Updates

  • Duty Info Updates

  • Decorations

Customer Support

  • CAC Cards

  • Dependent ID Cards

  • Retired ID Cards

  • Veteran ID Cards

Career Development

  • Assignments

  • Reenlistment

The following in-person services will be offered by the 88th FSS ID Card team:

  • CACs that are expired, corrupt, or expiring within 60 days. Early issuance authorized for deployments/TDY travel and PCS events
  • CACs for rank and name changes
  • CACs for new civilian hires (Civil Service, NAF, and Contractors)
  • Walk-ins for CAC pin reset
  • Initial Issuance of Military Retiree Cards and Dependent IDs
  • Retiree ID cards that are expired or expiring within 90 days
  • Dependent ID cards that are expired or expiring within 90 days

**If a cardholder’s affiliation or benefits have changed their card will no longer be valid and they will need to receive a new card. (Examples include turning 21, 23, or 65, retiring, transferring branches or status, dependents of those who have retired or changed status, etc.)**

**Those with lost or stolen CACs will be given either a same-day or next-day appointment**

Scheduling Appointments:

  • WPAFB ID Card Section is by appointment only.
  • You can schedule a weekly appointment or an appointment 60 days out using the Setmore Appointment Scheduler at

*Appointments are released mid-month for the entire following month.

NOTE: Customer Support is closed every first Thursday of the month for training.

Scheduling Group Appointments:

  • For organizations requiring 10 or more CAC appointments please email
    • In the subject line please identify this request is for a large group appointment, the company/unit/squadron you are with, and the approximate number of appointments you will need.
    • Our office will reach out to you within 5 to 7 business days to help you with your scheduling needs.
    • For groups less than 10, Customer Support requests members to utilize theSetmore Appointment Scheduler at

*To ensure Customer Support can accommodate, please e-mail no later than a month prior to the new contract start date to book an appointment*

If you are coming to base to receive a new CAC, please bring your laptop with you. Once you get a new card, you will need to connect your computer to the Air Force Network on base and log into it. If you don’t complete this step, you will not be able to log into your system or VPN.

For new civilian hires (Civil Service employees, NAF employees, and our Contractor partners), do not schedule your appointment before your first official day of work. Your card will not be available before that date.

Contractors must have their accounts fully built and completed before they arrive for their appointment.

For DEERS updates members can either drop off forms at the Customer Support front desk or email forms to When submitting DEERS updates to the email box, include Sponsors DoD ID number and/or SSAN and Date of Birth. Please note that DEERS updates take approximately 5 business days for processing.

Please do not email to schedule an appointment if you are not coordinating a group appointment.

NOTE: Customer Support is closed every first Thursday of the month for training.

**Information current as of January 1, 2023**

During this time, the Career Development section is not serving walk-in customers. All out-processing actions will be coordinated and scheduled through your Outbound Counselor. Please direct all inquiries to the respective Workflow boxes or call the sections at the numbers provided below. Due to high email traffic, please allow 3 – 5 business days for a response.

In order to apply for an Official No-Fee Passport or renew, the Department of State requires you to have a Bona Fide need for a passport and be within 90 days of travel. This can be justified by PCS orders or fully funded/approved DTS orders in the 1610 format with an assigned TA number.
*Per the Department of State, if you are PCSing overseas all dependents must be medically cleared to travel before you can initiate passports.

Once you have a Bona Fide need, email 88 FSS Passports ( the document(s) for review. When approved, we will schedule you for an appointment and send you the passport instructions.
**Due to frequent requirement changes we do not provide instructions until we receive fully funded orders.

Identification & CAC Cards

Make an Appointment to get your card by scheduling online.